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Invisalign for Teenagers Invisalign for Teenagers
Invisalign for Teenagers

Invisalign for Teenagers

Alignersand braces are tools for the same purpose. However, aligners are much easier to use, plus they can be removed. This makes your teeth easier to clean. And with the availability of clear aligners, one will not easily notice you wearing one. For an aligner to work perfectly, it has to be worn for 22 hours daily.

Initially, wearing metal braces was an issue for teenagers, with the problem of oral hygiene and irritation of cheeks and gums from the metal parts of the braces. With Invisalign, that problem has been solved. Clear Invisalign aligners help restore confidence that comes in every smile; this is because it is nearly invisible and also comfortable, allowing teens to carry out their normal daily activities without being self-conscious.

Available options for teenagers

Back in the days, clear aligners were unavailable for teenagers because of the possibility of teens not being able to wear them all the time. Also, the fact that permanent teeth had not yet erupted in some teens was another reason why clear aligners were not available for teens. It was feared that the earlier planned movement of the teeth could be disrupted.

There are various options available for treatment for teens by Invisalign, and these are dependent on the stage of teeth development. Invisalign clear aligners for teens come with spaces designed to hold teeth that have not erupted or have not yet fully erupted. These are called eruption tabs.

Furthermore, there are also six free replacement aligners that are included in case of misplacement or damage. There are blue-coloured dots positioned on the aligner. Over time, these dots fade, as you follow the treatment plan correctly.

Benefits of choosing Invisalign for teenagers

The major benefit that comes with choosing Invisalign for teenagers remains that it is nearly invisible, and sits very comfortably in the mouth, with no disruption to daily activities.

Also, it is removable, making it easy and possible to clean the mouth normally, you can brush and floss all parts of your mouth as much as you want. It can also be removed before eating, allowing you to eat what you want, unlike metal braces where you have to watch what you eat.

There is no risk of infection or disturbance from Invisalign –the same cannot be said of metal braces, where there is always the possibility of developing infections from the metal parts. Also, the constant consciousness so you don’t pull a wire or dislodge a bracket is eliminated. With Invisalign clear aligners, all you need do is put them on and wear comfortably for 22 hours a day.

Most importantly, some dots tell you when you have successfully taken care of the problem. These benefits have been included specifically for teens because of their active lifestyle. Teens have adopted Invisalign aligners all over the world due to its flexibility and its almost invisible feature.

However, you should visit and speak to your Invisalign provider, for advice and information regarding the best option for you.