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Treatment Comparison

Treatment Comparison

Braces and Invisalign perform the same function of straightening your teeth and improving your oral health. The debate has always been on which method is more efficient. The concept behind these two treatments is the gradual movement of the teeth to the desired position over 6 months to 2 years, depending on the patient’s need.

It is true that they both achieve the same goal, but each method has its pros and cons.

Let’s go over the benefits and downsides to both treatment methods.


Braces are metal brackets connected by wires and rubber bands. They usually come in silver colour, but you can have them in a colour that is close to your enamel colour. The rubber bands are also in different colours that can match the brackets. Braces have been available for decades.

For patients with complex misalignment, braces are a good option. They are easy to clean and require little maintenance. Invisalign, on the other hand, must be removed when eating or drinking anything except water and the teeth must be brushed after every meal. For patients that play rough contact sports, braces are not ideal. Some soreness should be expected with the use of braces, and you need to get used to the feeling of the bracket against the inside of the mouth.


Invisalign is a new innovation and was designed to be invisible. The trays, created using impressions and x-rays of your teeth, are made with smooth, comfortable BPA-free plastic that lies flat over teeth. These trays will subtly move your teeth over 6 months to a year and a half. For patients with less mouth movement, Invisalign is good. Invisalign requires more maintenance than braces. There’s the possibility of the wearer to accidentally throw away the trays in the course of removing and putting back the trays.

The difference is clear

The comfort that comes with Invisalign is not found with braces. For instance, braces come in silver or enamel colour, and the wearer needs to avoid sticky foods. This makes it visible when the patient smile or laugh; it could look awkward.

With Invisalign, you have a series of clear, removable aligners that straightens your teeth little by little without any wires or brackets. It fits perfectly on your teeth, making your smile or laughter more natural. Invisalign is nearly invisible when you wear them!

You can eat sticky or hard food with the flexibility that Invisalign provides; you can take them in or out when you want them unlike fixed braces.

Only trained professionals can remove fixed braces. This can prevent you from cleaning your teeth and gums effectively and may limit your ability to take them out when you have to. It can even limit what you can eat comfortably.

Patients with Invisalign treatment can remove them anytime during treatment. You can eat whatever you want, clean your teeth and gums, and maintain good oral hygiene. It doesn’t affect your lifestyle in any way. So, you can laugh or smile all you want with Invisalign.

Invisalign is always innovating

Invisalign comes with an innovative technology that makes it the best treatment type for straightening your teeth. Only Invisalign provides the depth of clinical studies and technology that can accurately control the way your teeth are straightened. Fixed braces and other clear aligner solutions can’t compete with this.

Get your new smile with invisalign

When it comes to deciding which treatment option is the best, your orthodontist will give you all the information you need. If Invisalign aligners are your choice, your Invisalign provider will provide you with a clearly defined treatment plan.

With the use of ClinCheck, a virtual 3D treatment plan, you can get to see what your teeth might look like during and after the treatment.

ClinCheck will also show the series of movement your teeth are expected to go through throughout the treatment. This procedure will help you monitor changes in your teeth alignment as the treatment progresses.

The desire to straighten teeth without attracting any attention to you makes it evident that only Invisalign can provide that.

Go for Invisalign. It’s convenient and comfortable.