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Types of Invisalign Types of Invisalign
Types of Invisalign

Types of Invisalign

Ever since Invisalign aligners hit the UK market with full force in its early 20s, there have been little innovations in the world of orthodontics. With this upsurge, few varieties of Invisalign have been proven to cater for a wide range of orthodontic problems. However, the complexity of your treatment may have a substantial effect on the type of aligner you maybe advised to use.

Generally, there are four types of Invisalign

  • Invisalign Full
  • Invisalign Lite.
  • Invisalign i7
  • Invisalign Teen.

1. Invisalign full

This is the most commonly used type of Invisalign treatment and can be used for almost all dentition types. The number of aligners employed for each treatment pattern is dependent on how complex your dental issues are as well as how severe your conditions are. On average, the treatment plan may range from 12-18 months depending on eachindividual’s unique dental issues.

Attributes of Invisalign full

  • It is used to treat complex issues
  • It has the highest degree of flexibility in terms of treatment possible
  • The number or set of aligners are largely dependent on the individual treatment plan.

2. Invisalign lite

This type of Invisalign treatment is majorly applied for moderate dental cases which may not require full treatment. In some cases, few people may qualify for this treatment since it is not as powerful as other types of invisalign. Thus, the Invisalign lite may require a fixed number of aligners in correcting minor discrepancies in the teeth.

Few Attributes of Invisalign lite

  • It is employed by those who need their teeth adjusted and straightened before cosmetic works.
  • You may need approximately 14-15 aligners to complete a treatment process.
  • Employed for less complex issues
  • The treatment process may last for about seven months.

3. Invisalign i7

The i7 Invisalign treatment option is used for less complex or abnormal issues just like the Invisalign lite. The treatment type is used for minor corrections, especially for aesthetic reasons, and each treatment process may take approximately three months to complete.

Few Attributes includes;

  • The treatment option is used majorly for less abnormal issues such as overcrowding and correction of minor relapse cases.
  • It is proficient in resolving small aesthetic issues. Thus, complex issues are difficult to treat using this method
  • Treatment is often limited to the front 8 teeth
  • Each complete treatment process may require close to 7 aligners
  • Treatment may take approximately three months to complete.

4. Invisalign teen

Since every teenager may develop some teeth during there teenage years, Invisalign teen was however carefully designed to resolve such issues since some brands of invisible aligners are not designed to accommodate a growing jaw. Although, they may be specifically crafted out for teens, it has also been utilised over time by an adult with growing teeth to fix alignment issues in the teeth.

Major Attributes includes;

  • The number of aligners is largely dependent on the complexity of your treatment plan
  • Specifically crafted with special features to accommodate shifting changes of the jaw while they grow
  • The treatment plan may also depend on how complex your dental issues may be.

You can book an appointment with your orthodontist to find out which invisalign treatment would be most suitable for you.